The Scottish Piper Rides A Harley Wearing A Kilt

On the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland, lays a sleepy little village by the name of Wayside Glenn. The village is quiet and quaint making it a haven for retired people. One of the village residents, Mr. Renfrow, moved here after his wife died. Mr. Renfrow was an older man, but he still had many hobbies that he enjoyed. He loved to wake up early in the morning and take his motorised scooter down to the Chokecherry river. He was proud of his Scottish heritage and often joined the local bagpipers group, The Rusty Pipes, down at the park for practice.

Bagpipe Practice In The Park

One beautiful sunny morning in May, the Rusty Pipes got together for practice. Some of the men came wearing street clothes, but Mr. Renfrow always showed up in full national costume to show his pride in his heritage. It always pained Mr. Renfrow that the other men wore long trousers while he played the bagpipe in a kilt. After practice, the oldest member of the Rusty Pipes, Mr. Younger, said he had a surprise. The townspeople of Angus wanted them to play their bagpipes in Angus Square for a coming celebration.

The Pipers Plan A Trip To Angus Square

The six old members of the Rusty Pipes were flattered that somebody still wanted to hear them play. After all, there wasn't one in the group that was younger than 70. Mr. Renfrow was proud to be invited to play the bagpipes in such an important town as Angus Square. The men made plans to ride into Angus Square together
in Mr. Younger's large van. This time, all of them would be dressed in their finest traditional Scottish costumes.

The Rusty Pipes Leave Mr. Renfrow Behind

The morning of the performance brought beautiful May weather. The birds were chirping and the spring flowers were in full bloom. The men of The Rusty Pipes regalia arrived in the town square of Angus to a large crowd of eager people. Today was the town's anniversary celebration. Mr.Renfrow's heart swelled with pride as the crowd cheered when they began their regal march around the town square. For those few minutes, he was a young, proud Scotsman instead of an old, retired lorry driver.

Mr. Younger Loses His Hearing Aids

When the celebration was over, the men gathered at Mr. Younger's van and began packing up for the trip back to Wayside Glenn. Mr. Younger was so old that he needed a hearing aid in each ear. He didn't realize that his hearing aids had fallen out and were laying inside his bagpipes. He didn't hear Mr. Renfrow telling him to wait whilst he found a lavatory to use. The Rusty Pipes took off for Wayside Glenn leaving Mr. Renfrow behind with nothing but his pipes and kilt.

The Motorcycle And The Kilt

When Mr. Renfrow realized that he would have to find a way to get home on his own, he began checking the business fronts of the old town square in Angus. There he found motorcycle rental shop. Mr. Renfrow rented a used Harley Davidson with temporary car insurance he found here and rode home on that motorcycle wearing his kilt and carrying his pipes behind him. He was featured in the Wayside Glenn newspaper the next day as the raciest old piper in Scotland.